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Predictably, they arrive at the Vorkosigan house.

"I can make my own food without a problem," she informs Miles. "But I don't know any other things about - living in your house. Are there important people I need to be introduced to, etiquette I should follow, places I shouldn't go, or - something?"
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Five hospitals in Vorbarr Sultana miraculously have all of their patients healed. Subtly, perfectly, with absolutely no regard for silly things like whether it's a chronic condition or even medically possible. The days that this occurs have little to no pattern - sometimes it happens during the night, sometimes it's during the afternoon. Seemingly random people are responsible; it changes mid-way through the full-hospital healing, several times. By the third hospital, it seems the only consistency is that the miracle worker is female. Not the same woman, sometimes she's shorter or taller or fat or old or with various hair colors and skin tones, but she is consistently female.

(Adana keeps her face mostly the same, with subtle changes in makeup or adding a biological substance on top of it that looks like skin, but doesn't blend and can be turned into cloud fluff and removed later. One time she tweaks her nose and she spends an hour after fixing it back to the way it was. She decides to avoid actually changing the structure of her face again - just easily fixable cosmetic disguises.)

About three weeks after the miracles at the hospitals begin, a part of the countryside gets hit, too. It was unterraformed, but one night it suddenly decides to become habitable, with recognizable trees and grass and absurdly fertile soil.

Obviously, something strange is going on.
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Adana's doing some touch-ups on her wings. She's got them both off of her, there was something - weird about the balance earlier. She thinks it has something to do with the feather placement, if she just tweaks it a little here and there -

She gets a summon.

Damnation. She's not even ready - ugh, she might miss the summon entirely and that will bother her. She hates missing summons, hates missing chances of persuading someone to let her have a phone so she can talk to her brother or her father, hates missing chances to help people even if they won't give her comm access. But she also dislikes doing rush work, especially when she's going to reattach her wings and have to wear them, and have them feel wrong for the entirety of the summon. She does rush work anyway. Her wings are reattached, she flexes them, finds them feeling just as wrong and unbalanced and icky. But then she accepts the summon, somewhat late.


Okay, she was a bit late to answer the summon, but not that late. Where is everyone? Why doesn't she have a binding?

"Summoner?" she asks, confused, and then she looks down at the summoning circle.

Oh, that explains everything. Children drew this. It's done in colorful chalk, in all kinds of colors - really it's only happenstance that it turns out to be a circle at all, around the outside are squares and triangles and flowers and little drawings of cute creatures. The circle itself is done mostly in lime green, but it looks like it was touched up after by someone with a steadier hand and hot pink chalk. Okay, well, no biggie, some kids are going to get grounded, but maybe she can sweet talk their parents into comm access.

Or. Or she could ditch the wings, pretend to be human, and pretend she's lost and needs to call her dad. Technically true. She doesn't know where she is, and she does actually need to call her dad. Just - half truths, she hasn't gotten any better at lying in the past two years.

Wings come off and get turned to air, and then off she walks.

She realizes pretty quickly that she isn't on Earth. Or Luna, for that matter, or even Mars. She's on - some planet called Barrayar? Obviously she is - very, very far from home.

Adana finds a place to sit, and think, and try not to be frightened. She weighs pros and cons in her mind, weighs her options, and then comes to a decision. It's not like she's going to die of old age, and there's a lot of good a lone, unbound angel can do on a planet that obviously doesn't know about daeva. She just needs to - adapt. Figure out what's going on, deal with it, and use her angel abilities for good.

She stands, and then asks for directions to the nearest hospital. She's got work to do.
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Sunday afternoon becomes Sunday night becomes Monday morning. Tony does not emerge from his room. Sherlock does, but only long enough to request some basic biographical information from Cam, and then two hours later to confirm that he can't find an alternate Cam either. Jarvis is happy to provide Adana with a map of Sunnydale so that she can easily find the local hospital, and amused to open windows for Cam so that he may distribute bees.

Monday evening, Jarvis inquires of Cam, "Sherlock would like to know if you would be interested in duplicating some books on magic for us, and what information about the books you would require in order to do so. He has been feeling restless and I believe he intends to go shopping."


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